Welcome to CRGI from Garry Smith

It is my great pleasure as CEO of CRGI to thank you for becoming a subscriber. Right from the very first discussion between Rory Miller and myself CRGI, although it was not called that, was always about creating a comprehensive learning experience.

If I can use the much overused journey metaphor, we started out on a journey with a destination in mind but we know there is no final destination. Just as the universe is infinite so is the amount of knowledge that exists. Our amazing brains need constant exercise and stimulation, as an autodidact I thrive on learning new ideas and skills, I see it as a basic human need.

That is what fuels my passion for continual professional development and my attempts to become a better human day by day. As somebody who has now joined CRGI I am pretty sure that is you too? Right?

CRGI is a company for legal reasons, its board and management teams are its heartbeat but its greatest strength is in the joining together of many individuals like yourself who come together to learn, debate, agree and disagree in the true spirit of academia. Many of us work, train and live in atmospheres sullied by politics and division. We at CRGI our mission is to transcend all that and create an environment where we can all help each other to grow and reach our true potential through honest and open intellectual intercourse.

So thank you for joining us, we hope you enjoy the experience and if you have something to share then please get in touch. We want to create opportunities for many voices to be heard not just a few.

Oh and one last thing, lighten up buttercup, sometimes we delve into dark and dangerous places but we always return to the light and a healthy sense of humour will help us all have some fun on the way. My parents always tell me that a good person laughs at themselves more than at others, well that is literally true every time I look in a mirror, but we should all be here together because it gives us pleasure to be part of a community that is more than an echo chamber.

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