Escalato – A Game Both Sexes Can Play – Erik Kondo

This Video Lesson is derived from Marc MacYoung’s post:

The Biggest Pre-Attack Indicator Of Them All 

“Except unlike the other guy (who is a complete asshole), your monkey will tell you YOUR behavior is perfectly justified and warranted. This is particularly ironic because in the classic game of ‘escalato,’ your monkey is going to raise the stakes by becoming even more insulting, obnoxious and threatening.”


The following videos are example of the back and forth raising of the stakes describe by Marc MacYoung as ESCALATO. As we can see here that ESCALATO is not limited to men, woman can play to.  Physical violence becomes an extension of the verbal violence that preceded it.

Many times people are willing to raise the stakes to a certain level, but don’t plan to exceed that level. One problem arises when the other person is willing to take the violence to “the next level” are you are not.

Once the game of ESCALATO starts, where it ends, nobody knows.




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