Video Commentary on: “Best Fight Strategy” – Marc MacYoung

Best Fight Strategy – Self Defense Tactics and Tips – Win Fights Easily and DON’T GET ARRESTED   Commentary: First off, I disagree with the guy’s starting premise of teaching you how to ‘win a fight.’ A fight is mutual battery. Putting it another way, self-defense is you have no choice, a fight is … [Read more…]

Video Lesson: Too Little Too Late

I actually use this incident in INoSD. I’m talking about “Too little, too late” and false submission signals. This is when you’re being a complete dick and when it starts going sideways, you try to a- put the whole situation on hold (not de-escalation, but hitting the pause button) b- avoid physical repercussion c – … [Read more…]

Educational Beatdown for an Abuser – Marc MacYoung

Abuser of girlfriend/wife gets beat down by neighborhood… However, take a look at the violence dynamics of the situations. Whatever got his ass whupped probably happened off camera. People were not about to step into an internal affair, even though it was happening out in public, but numbnuts crossed a social line somewhere. It is … [Read more…]

Social Scripts – Marc MacYoung

Social Scripts are ritualized social behaviors that help us navigate through life. They can range from complex falling in love or success stories to fast ‘micro-scripts’ like saying “excuse me” as you reach past someone in the grocery store. That seems like nothing but there is a complex set of ritualized actions and counter actions. … [Read more…]

STFU – Marc MacYoung

  Here’s an example of what we think we know: Weak and fearful body language attracts predators. It’s a green light to them. That concept is a staple of self-defense training. It makes sense, too. Be afraid and look like a victim, and you’ll be selected. So now you know how not to be selected … [Read more…]

Fighting the Merchants of Fear – Erik Kondo

  The above video demonstrates how self-serving  messages promoted by the self-defense training industry, the personal safety product industry, the anti-rape advocacy industry, and the news media industry create a sense of fear and helplessness in many women. Women are constantly being portrayed as only the defenseless victims of ever present Bad Guys. All of … [Read more…]

Real People Fighting – Erik Kondo

  The above video is an great example of what real people don’t look like when fighting. It provides a stylized view of trained fighters using scripted techniques of attack, counter-attacker, and counter-counter-attack. The next video demonstrates what real people actually look like when they fight.     It is important to understand the difference … [Read more…]