Fighting the Merchants of Fear – Erik Kondo


The above video demonstrates how self-serving  messages promoted by the self-defense training industry, the personal safety product industry, the anti-rape advocacy industry, and the news media industry create a sense of fear and helplessness in many women. Women are constantly being portrayed as only the defenseless victims of ever present Bad Guys.

All of the Industries listed above profit in some manner from depicting women at constant high risk of assault. Women take more self-defense training classes. Women buy more personal safety products such as pepper spray, personal alarms, and firearms. More private donations and government funding is provided for anti-rape advocacy organizations. The news media is able to use sensational assault stories to “sell” the news.

There is no doubt that violence against women is a real problem.  But viewing and treating all women as perpetual victims is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many women become socially conditioned to see themselves as only powerless victims. Part of breaking this Cycle of Victimization requires  women not always viewing themselves and other women as only the helpless victims of violence.

Here is a look at female violence  from a viewpoint denied by the Merchants of Fear.



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