Think You Know How to Stop School Shootings? Think Again! – Erik Kondo

  School shooting are a problem. Solving this problem requires some type of approach. Here are some commonly discussed and debated proposed solutions in no particular order: Pass stricter gun laws making it more difficult for potential shooters to obtain high powered weapons. Pass stricter laws on gun magazines making it more difficult for shooters … [Read more…]

The T.A.B.B.E. Test – Erik Kondo

There a few things that create more commentary than instructional videos of self-defense techniques. The question of whether or not something works is hotly debated. These discussions/arguments rarely follow a logical order. Conclusions are not arrived at. Most comments are repetitive and reductive. The purpose of the T.A.B.B.E. Test is to enable the Peer Review … [Read more…]

What the United Airlines Incident Teaches Us about Boundary Setting – Erik Kondo

The recent incident of a passenger being forcibly removed from an airplane has created a firestorm of traditional and social media commentary. There has been lots of talk of passenger rights, laws, contracts, corporate profits, corporate responsibility, the use of force continuum, and more. What most people don’t seem to realize that this incident is … [Read more…]

Definitions: Strategy, Tactic, and Technique – Erik Kondo

  I recently asked people to provide their definitions of the terms, Strategy, Tactic, and Technique. The idea was to determine if there was a general agreement/consensus on the termonology. Here are the results. STRATEGY – “Is more macro, an overall approach to long-term success/goal achievement. “ – “Answers the “what” question” – “Overall plans … [Read more…]

10 Requirements for Teaching a Self-defense “Move” – Erik Kondo

  “I want to learn some self-defense moves!”  What self-defense instructor has not heard that request? When an instructor teaches a student a physical self-defense “Move” (or technique), he or she is engaging in problem solving. The instructor is providing the student with a theoretical solution to a future problem. This situation is analogous to … [Read more…]

Boundary Setting for People with Disabilities – Erik Kondo and Sam de Leve

Boundary setting is a problem solving strategy that enables people to deal with and differentiate between awkward, rude, and dangerous people and situations. As people with disabilities, we are subject to boundary intrusions on a regular basis that stem from other people’s negative implicit bias regarding both our competence and vulnerability. Due to this bias, … [Read more…]