The Victim Blaming Accusation Lobby – Erik Kondo

The Victim Blaming Accusation Lobby has taken a worthwhile cause and morphed it into an extremist movement designed to silence and discredit all those that disagree with their point of view.The worthwhile cause is victims of sexual assault should not be blamed by society for what transpired. They should not subject themselves to harmful self-blame. The blame should rest … [Read more…]

Why We Disagree So Much on Self-Defense:It’s in the Math – Erik Kondo

Take a look at many self-defense related intenet discussions and you will see the same thing. Heated threads filled with back and forth arguing about what works, what doesn’t work, what is “real”, what is fantasy. Most suggestions of “what to do” seem to only generate multiple counter-responses of why “that won’t work”, “that is a … [Read more…]

Victim Factoring is Not Victim Blaming – Erik Kondo

Putting the blame on victims of a crime increases the psychological trauma associated with the crimes. It makes it less likely that the victims will report crimes in the future. If crimes are not reported, it is more difficult to punish the offenders. Perpetrators take less personal responsibility for their actions if they can blame … [Read more…]

The Violence Substitution Solution – Erik Kondo

Why Most Current Anti-Violence Efforts are Doomed to Fail  “Stop the violence”. “Senseless acts of violence”. “Random acts of violence”. These phrases are commonly used by anti-violence organizations, the police, and media pundits when talking about violence. (1) Many people use this terminology to condemn violence as pointless. These words show their abhorrence for violence. The hope … [Read more…]