On Violence – Marc MacYoung

My stance on violence is … complicated. Starting with a conversation I had decades ago with a friend. Him – “I’m a pacifist. I’m just not non-violent” Me – laughing. Him -“I’m serious. I honestly believe violence doesn’t solve anything. But sometimes you have to use it.” Technically speaking he’s right. Violence doesn’t ‘solve’ problems. … [Read more…]

Individual Groups vs. Socio-centric Groups – Marc MacYoung

If we divide types of groups into individualistic, socio-centric and divine we get three different ways to organize things. Individualistic is the group exists to serve the needs of the individual. The needs of the group come second to the rights of the individual. Very Humanistic this philosophy and it works when basic needs are … [Read more…]

Tribes, Super-tribes, Uber-Tribes – Marc MacYoung

Something I am working on is explaining the human ‘wiring’ to be tribal and how modern society has pushed us out of our comfort zone when it comes to the ‘size’ of our tribe. This is a simple concept with MASSIVE implications. Starting with that we ‘owe’ obligations/sharing/support/concern to those INSIDE our tribe. The rules … [Read more…]

A Plea … Before the Bullets Start Flying – Marc MacYoung

Congratulations, you smeared distinctions to create a bigger political block, raising an inclusive banner to seem to present a unified whole for your cause. Good idea right? After all, your PR to create and identify a large, unified group to the outside world worked. Except now everyone else can’t tell the difference between you and … [Read more…]

Pyramid of Denial (A follow up to “Stop Kicking The Dog. It’s About to Bite”) – Marc MacYoung

I’m wrestling with a ‘pyramid of denial’ in regard to the “Stop kicking the Dog” note I published. (Although it’s been suggested that I call this MacYoung’s Hierarchy of Screeds.) As I’ve been tracking the shares and comments and the comments on the original I’m seeing a strong attitude “Well, I’m not kicking those ignorant … [Read more…]

Stop Kicking That Dog. It’s About to Bite. (An open letter to liberals about their hatred.) – Marc MacYoung

I’m writing this during the 2016 election campaign. However, it’s a concept that has been a long time coming and — quite frankly — the potential for violence scares the hell out of me. Stop and let that sink in for a moment … violence professional … expert on the subject of violence… scared of … [Read more…]