He doesn’t just hate you for thinking that way, he’s willing to kill you… – Marc MacYoung

Over the last few years I have been telling people that I was tracking the rise in “Right Wing Extremism.” Now much of it was just tough talk, but there was enough to make me seriously concerned — especially when it was looking as if Hillary was going to win. These guys were gearing up for civil war. (They don’t care the cops have armored vehicles, they have the RPGs to take them out.) I think we took a big step back from that particular cliff when the election went the direction it did.
That doesn’t mean we’re off the mesa yet.
If you’re Liberal, contrary to what you might think you know, these extremist’s hatred isn’t about racism, homosexuality or illegal immigrants. (Although for the record, they are VERY focused on radical Islam.) But in general, these guys have a completely different beef with a different segment of the population. It ain’t your Black, lesbian transgendered, Muslim friend they hate… it’s you.
Until now I’ve been trying to talk to people about “Hey maybe we ought to ease off on the rhetoric and try to talk with each other instead” … or if that’s too much of stretch at least start treating with each other to keep things from going wobbly.
I’ve had limited success trying to be reasonable. A lot of my liberal readers think I’ve swung to the right. (Then they proceed to justify, minimize or dismiss the bad behavior coming from the Left.) A lot of my conservative readers think I’ve joined their camp. (Which I haven’t) While still others think I’m too namby pamby. (The couch warriors mostly) Still other folks think I’m alarmist… some adorable people claim I’m doing it to sell more books.
So with this in mind, I’d like to show you an example of the kind of thinking I’ve been tracking the rise in. THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT! Nor do I embrace his views or conclusions. However, I do want to warn folks, these guys didn’t just go away when Hillary lost. They are now preparing to go to war with the Left.
A war they’re pretty damned certain the Left is going to start.
Yeah, and bad news to my Liberal friends, these guys actually have a clearer view on the extremists on your side than you do. (Look up Horseshoe theory.) They’re seeing things about the extremists on your side you don’t — or are deliberately denying. The attached article is about how much of a threat the extremists on your side is going to be to them. What these nutballs don’t have is a clear way to tell the difference between you and your side’s nutballs. And quite frankly, I’m not sure these assholes care to. Or at least they care about the same amount as the assholes of your side do. Neither option should make you comfortable. So if I may be so bold to suggest you might not want to be quite so aggressive with your compassion and condemnation of everyone who thinks differently than you. If you know anybody who is pushing hard, try to pull them back and get them to ease up. Because there are looney-toons out there waiting for them.
Having said that let me turn my attention to my conservative friends.
These are the assholes who are scaring people into the believing the right wing will hunt them down and execute them in the streets. Which hey, given this guy’s words is an understandable fear. When folks on the Left look at the right, this is what they think they are seeing. So if I may be so bold to suggest, maybe you should lighten up on the insults and condemnation of everyone who thinks differently than you. And yeah, see if you can put a leash on your more extreme friends.
Because whether you’re Right or Left, this guy is painting a picture of what can happen if we don’t start talking to each other and neutralize the nutjobs on both sides. Me, I prefer that we start talking to each other instead…

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  1. Ray

    I have been saying this for years now. The few extremist on the left do not know what they are dealing with. They insult and badmouth who they consider right wingers or conservatives. Extremist on the left throw insults, protest, accuse people, burn down buildings, drag people out of their cars and beat them up or kill them and get away with it. Police are told not to make arrests or stand down and let the place burn and innocent by-standers caught in the mess are hurt or killed. The leftist media makes excuses for the extreme left and apologize for them. So the extremists keep protesting and destroying property and chasing down people they don’t like and beating them up. Depending on local politics where the riot or violence is, the police may or may not intervene to arrest people for their criminal or violent behavior.

    There is one big problem that the extreme left have with their anti everything attitude and hatred towards others: THERE ARE PEOPLE WATCHING THEM AND HATE THEIR GUTS BECAUSE OF IT. The extreme left is so used to getting away with their violent actions without any retaliation; they keep on doing their thing. The extremist want to overthrow the established government and place their own people in power. That is fascism which some people do not take kindly to in a supposedly democratic society. The problem is that the extreme left are not speaking for the mainstream left that do not believe in violence, guns or subjecting themselves with death or disability for “the cause”.

    The extremist on both sides sometimes call for a revolution. This sort of thing also upsets a lot of people. It challenges people to choose sides. My opinion is if the extreme left or right wanted to start a revolution, we would already be in one. I do not think the extreme left or right knows what they are playing with when they advocate revolution and death to certain groups having a different political affiliations, race, ethnic group or religion. Yes, freedom of speech allows people to make inflammatory remarks about each other but people must be aware of how words can start violence. The political left should check their crazies at the door before they spark something off that they cannot stop. Lately, the extreme right has been fairly quiet. This is also somewhat frightening. What are they up to? Remember Timothy McVey and company.

    I feel that someday some extremists on the left will protest some event and things will turn bad and the wrong person or persons will be hurt or killed. Then, members of the extreme right wing will come out to take care of business. A spark will ignite the forest fire. Unlike the extreme left, the right wingers will mean business. When they counter riot or counter attack, it will not be funny. They have firearms and know how to use them. They got plenty of ammo. Perhaps many have military training or para military training and have been training and getting ready for the revolution or social chaos for decades starting with the Clinton Administration or maybe before that. These people have been called every name and label in the book including “Deplorable” by the extreme left. In the old days there were such things called “fighting words”. They have not gone away. This labeling of people are dividing people which causes some serious problems. When you have political figures calling large groups of people deplorable, you just have insulted and angered a lot of people. So, why would you do it in the first place? These people are accused of something they may or may not be and they are not going away soon. Remember, when dealing with any group of people, at least 10% of them may not be in the best mental health so to speak.

    The problem with the extremist groups is that they will force people to choose sides when the bullets start flying whether you wanted to get involved or not. It will not matter whose side you are on at first. People will be forced to make a choice just like the people on the Kansas/Nebraska border had to make during the U.S. Civil War. Your home could be visited by the Pro Slavery people or the Pro Union people. You just hope you can figure out which side they are on before opening your mouth. Both sides can kill you quickly for not being on their side. People do not know just how bad that situation was in American History.

    The problem with extremists is that after things are over, they will take power since they will be the victor and the new head honcho in charge. Will there be people willing to go against these new thugs? We see this kind of thing happening throughout world history over and over again. It is always the extremist causing trouble forcing people to take sides and then treating their supporters like dirt once in power. So who wins in the long run? Only the extremist win. They get to be the next Hitler or Stalin. The people be damned.

    So, members of the left and right should keep their fringe elements in check so they will not ignite the spark of chaos and decent into a hell nobody really wants. I believe this is very hard to do sometimes. I am amazed that the spark has not already lit the forest up. People have no idea of violence and how bad it can get when unleashed. This is why extremism must be checked. We all have to be responsible about how to check extremism but it seems to be too difficult to handle.

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