Parroting – Marc MacYoung

    …something I have been trying to get people to understand is there ARE differences. Very important differences. Starting with who can be treated with, compromised with (reliably), who is over the sanity horizon, who is harmless and who you might have to shoot in the face. Although I include that last option, I’m … [Read more…]

On Violence – Marc MacYoung

My stance on violence is … complicated. Starting with a conversation I had decades ago with a friend. Him – “I’m a pacifist. I’m just not non-violent” Me – laughing. Him -“I’m serious. I honestly believe violence doesn’t solve anything. But sometimes you have to use it.” Technically speaking he’s right. Violence doesn’t ‘solve’ problems. … [Read more…]

Animal’s Guide to Negotiation and Compromise — Out at the Sharp End. – Marc MacYoung

  I was asked the eternal question. Well okay, so it’s not really eternal, but — because I talk so much about negotiation and compromise — I get asked it A LOT. “How do you negotiate with such people?” Such people are the bullies, temper tantrum throwers and “NO COMPROMISE!” idealists (read, pain in the … [Read more…]

Individual Groups vs. Socio-centric Groups – Marc MacYoung

If we divide types of groups into individualistic, socio-centric and divine we get three different ways to organize things. Individualistic is the group exists to serve the needs of the individual. The needs of the group come second to the rights of the individual. Very Humanistic this philosophy and it works when basic needs are … [Read more…]