Penn State Scandal: Business As Usual? – Marc MacYoung

  “The word cunt is not necessarily derogatory” Those were the words of then-CU President Betsy Hoffman during the CU Boulder football rape ‘scandal’ in 2004. I have to ask “How much money must be involved for a woman to make such a statement during a press conference?”  I ask because myself and everyone I know, all agree it’s … [Read more…]

Police Use Of Force On ‘Peaceful Protestors’ – Marc MacYoung

Get a cup of coffee, it’s a long one. Because like so many other things, it’s not a simple issue. *************Let me start by saying  I’m not interested in arguing lofty ideals, listening to people squeal in outrage that the world isn’t fair, hearing about justifications for civil disobedience and, of course, being told about evil conspiracies … [Read more…]