Footwork – Marc MacYoung

  And today’s question was about ‘footwork’ — specifically what is footwork (followed by all kinds of “This style says do it this way, but this style says this” silliness from marketing driven ~cough cough~ ‘knowledge’ and claims about what style has the best footwork. *** Footwork = mobility. Mobility = well all kinds of … [Read more…]

Tribes, Super-tribes, Uber-Tribes – Marc MacYoung

Something I am working on is explaining the human ‘wiring’ to be tribal and how modern society has pushed us out of our comfort zone when it comes to the ‘size’ of our tribe. This is a simple concept with MASSIVE implications. Starting with that we ‘owe’ obligations/sharing/support/concern to those INSIDE our tribe. The rules … [Read more…]

The Difference between an “Expert” and having Expertise – Marc MacYoung

There’s a difference between an ‘expert’ and expertise. One is knowing, the other is about being able to do. (A lot of people are experts about teaching about a subject, but aren’t actually doing what they’re teaching about). PART I How many self-defense experts have never used their skills? Nor are they in a field … [Read more…]