The T.A.B.B.E. Test – Erik Kondo

There a few things that create more commentary than instructional videos of self-defense techniques. The question of whether or not something works is hotly debated. These discussions/arguments rarely follow a logical order. Conclusions are not arrived at. Most comments are repetitive and reductive. The purpose of the T.A.B.B.E. Test is to enable the Peer Review … [Read more…]

The Difference between an “Expert” and having Expertise – Marc MacYoung

There’s a difference between an ‘expert’ and expertise. One is knowing, the other is about being able to do. (A lot of people are experts about teaching about a subject, but aren’t actually doing what they’re teaching about). PART I How many self-defense experts have never used their skills? Nor are they in a field … [Read more…]

I Can’t Teach THAT! – Rory Miller

Kasey and I were talking about teaching, and teaching teaching, and about people. In any field there are some people that just don’t get “it.” Whatever “it” is for that field. There are some people who shouldn’t be cops. Sometimes because their emotionally vulnerability makes them unable to deal with manipulators, sometimes because their lack … [Read more…]

Learning Leads to Varying Degrees of Understanding, Part I – Erik Kondo

Learning Leads to Degrees of Understanding, Part II High understanding is the result of effective learning. Effective Learning is the result of the combination of Three Modes of Learning. These modes are: Conceptualization Training Experience Conceptualization is the mode where you are consciously thinking about what you are trying to understand.  This is typically exemplified … [Read more…]

Escape, Control, Disable/Survival – Rory Miller

I’m in Germany. My normal arrest and control lesson plan is pretty practical. In eight hours we cover: 1-step Joint locks Take downs Leverage and leverage points Stance integrity Ground movement Pain (ethics and application) Lock transition to cuffing Momentum Using the Environment lds. All useful, all intuitive… Tuesday I found out some of the … [Read more…]