The T.A.B.B.E. Test – Erik Kondo

There a few things that create more commentary than instructional videos of self-defense techniques. The question of whether or not something works is hotly debated. These discussions/arguments rarely follow a logical order. Conclusions are not arrived at. Most comments are repetitive and reductive. The purpose of the T.A.B.B.E. Test is to enable the Peer Review … [Read more…]

10 Requirements for Teaching a Self-defense “Move” – Erik Kondo

  “I want to learn some self-defense moves!”  What self-defense instructor has not heard that request? When an instructor teaches a student a physical self-defense “Move” (or technique), he or she is engaging in problem solving. The instructor is providing the student with a theoretical solution to a future problem. This situation is analogous to … [Read more…]

‘Traditional’ martial arts vs. MMA vs. real fighting – Marc MacYoung

I just had someone ask about that tired old “traditional martial arts don’t work against the MMA/grappler ‘shoot’ (a lower leg tackle)” argument. **** First let’s make sure we’re using the same meanings of words. I have a friend who breaks down Japanese martial arts in three tiers: Commercialized Traditional Classic Classic is pre-WWII stuff … [Read more…]

Convergence – Rory Miller

Philosophy. Nothing about survival or self-protection or self-defense or whatever you want to call it is difficult or unnatural. This is exactly the problem we were evolved to solve. Not being a victim is part of our deepest wiring. Mind, body and spirit have all the tools. This is not about forging warriors, this is … [Read more…]

Solo Skills – Rory Miller

Once upon a time, I’d elected to go into a cell and talk down an extremely agitated inmate, and it wasn’t working. One of the big keys to talking down people in altered mental states (bad drug reactions, stress that makes them temporarily out of control, or truly unstable mental illness doesn’t really matter much) … [Read more…]

Why Does Self-Defense “Work” and Not Work? – Erik Kondo

Self-defense “works” for the same reason that it doesn’t work and that underlying reason is because most people quit at a certain level of resistance or motivation. Most people who join a gym will quit going regularly soon after. Most people who decide to stop smoking will quit the “stopping”. Most people who join a … [Read more…]

What is Your Goal for Self-Defense? – Erik Kondo

Ask multiple people the question “What is the goal of self-defense?” and you are guaranteed to receive a wide variety of answers. These answers usually fall along these lines: “To survive” “To escape” “To not get injured” “To defeat your attacker” “To avoid an attack” “To not be victimized” All of these answers are correct … [Read more…]

Five Steps for Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Self-Defense Technique – Erik Kondo

You just watched someone demonstrate a self-defense technique. Now, how do you determine whether or not the technique is effective? The most frequent commentary on a self-defense technique is some variation of ‘that would work” or “that wouldn’t work”.  While these types of comments express an opinion, they don’t provide any insight into the validity … [Read more…]

Nine Easy Steps to Ripping-Off Self-Defense Students – Erik Kondo

Let’s Face it. It is tough to make an honest living teaching people what they actually need. It is much easier to focus on what they think they need. And since you are the “expert”, you have the perfect opportunity to influence their desires. Here are the nine steps that many financially successful self-defense instructors … [Read more…]