Differentiating the Signal from the Noise – a/k/a Determining if a Self-Defense Class is Crap

The age of the internet has spawned a tremendous amount of flow and access to information. Literally, everything you want and need to know about can be found in some form or another on the internet. The problem is that literally everything you don’t want and don’t need to know about can also be found on … [Read more…]

The Wrong Question – Erik Kondo

  “You can’t get the right answer from the wrong question”. I heard that statement from Rory Miller. In terms of a self-defense discussion, the wrong question usually beings as “I want to learn some moves”, or “please show us some moves”. This question inevitably leads to the Self-Defense Instructor demonstrating a technique to be … [Read more…]

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil: Why Traditional Self-defense Instruction Doesn’t Work for Most People – Erik Kondo

The most commonly held view of a self-defense situation involves an “evil” attacker assaulting an innocent victim. As a result, the majority of self-defense instruction is based on the following two fundamental beliefs: 1. If you are able to inform people about the existence of threats to their personal safety, this information will then make … [Read more…]