Cost vs. Benefit: Fear Marketing in the Self-defense Industry – Erik Kondo

If you are involved in the personal safety/self-defense industry, you will notice a common complaint. The majority of people in the world really are not interested in what you have to sell. Regardless of how important the subject matter is, or that you feel it is, most people do not put a lot of thought … [Read more…]

Gaslighting, Labists and Social Justice Warriors – Marc MacYoung

Actually I’m not impressed in telling someone their experiences, feelings and opinions are wrong. It’s not only negating, but it’s the first step to gaslighting. Yet telling others what they think is a real common strategy for the social justice warrior crowd. Second who the fuck is the author to authoritatively state ‘this is … [Read more…]

Two Problems – One, it doesn’t work. Two, it does work – Marc MacYoung

Just responded to another ‘uber macho’ quote from an instructor who will turn you into a stud if you study his ultimate fighting system. Quite naturally the folks who fear the ‘freeze’ started squawking. Here’s my reply. *** Ummm… not only no, but HELL NO! This is the sort of soundbite, puddle profundity that gets … [Read more…]

Stop parroting! – Marc MacYoung

“What’s the difference between someone being transgender and someone being transracial?” My response to that question **** STOP PARROTING! Defenders of this nonsense are using this tactic of comparing transgender with transracial. Which until this shit showed up was an obscure term referring –mostly — to adoptive families with multiple races. Or even rarer individuals … [Read more…]

Respect: The Lifeblood of a Prosperous Society and the Toxic Activists that Bleed it Out – Erik Kondo

What is the lifeblood of a prosperous society? Is it money, natural resources, education, or is it something else? A prosperous society does not have to be a wealthy society, but it could be. A prosperous society is one in which its members live happy and productive lives, free of fear, devoid of prejudice, and … [Read more…]