Smart Meme vs. Dumb Meme – Erik Kondo



The internet is awash with memes. Many of these memes are designed to convey a point of view or explain a subject.

Many memes can be divided into two types, Smart Memes and Dumb Memes.

Smart Memes have the effect of making you smarter by providing insight, by showing you a new perspective, or by making a complicated subject more understandable. Think of them as maps or diagrams that are visual aids which increase your knowledge. These memes require a deep understanding of the subject matter in order to create them in an accurate manner that summarizes or highlights aspects of a complicated process. Studying these memes make you smarter. When you share them with your friends, you make them smarter.

And then there are the Dumb Memes. These have the opposite effect of the Smart Memes. They are simplistic representations of complex processes. They are essentially propaganda made up of misinformation and half truths. They are misleading. They are designed to provoke an emotional effect on those who encounter them. They prey upon and pander to people’s fears and lack of knowledge. These memes make you dumber. When you share them, you make your friends dumber too.

Most likely you have no idea that you are being manipulated. You are a essentially a tool used by others who benefit from your ignorance.

Many of your friends will not either. But some will. They will realize the depth of your lack of understanding. They will see how easily you can be duped.

If you keep sharing Dumb Memes, your circle of friends may self select into a circle of fools.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

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