Stop parroting! – Marc MacYoung


“What’s the difference between someone being transgender and someone being transracial?”

My response to that question

Defenders of this nonsense are using this tactic of comparing transgender with transracial. Which until this shit showed up was an obscure term referring –mostly — to adoptive families with multiple races. Or even rarer individuals with massively mixed genetic heritage. (e.,g, someone who is Black, White, Cambodian and Indian) Bi racial was the most common term for families. Mixed ancestry for individuals. Now people are comparing it to changing gender identity.

Start with the fact that Gender Dysphoria is a DSM recognized mental disorder (oh BTW, transgender has a LOT of squishy and changing terms associated with it too. Starting with whether one has had parts surgically altered.)

Here’s the problem: There are questions that are designed to find out. There are questions that are used to demonstrate how clever one is. There are questions — especially involving comparisons — that are used to cloud the issues. (It’s like a squid squirting ink to cover its escape.)

The problem with these last is if you don’t have a frame of reference or understanding of the issues involved, they seem perfectly reasonable — and that’s why they get parroted.

“What’s the difference between transgender and transracial” is a clouding question.

Here is my response to someone over this question– after asking him how many trannies he knew. (His answer was none)

I’ve known more than a few. And almost universally they are screwed up people. I’m talking a whole lot more wrong with them than just not aligning with their gender identity. To say that they are ‘high maintenance’ is an understatement.

Having said that. If you accept them in your life, once the switch is made it’s pretty easy. You treat him/her like a male/female and everyone goes back to functional. As in I don’t give a fuck about whether it is a man or a woman doing the job. Nor do I care if she was once a he — just do the fuckin’ job. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t make it easier to kick you out of the tribe than to keep you in it — you won’t like the answer.

If you treat transgendered people like their preferred gender, there really isn’t more of a problem than treating a woman like a lady. The only time it can get somewhat awkward is pre-surgery and with bathrooms.

This is wildly different than a white, woman pretending to be black and
a) claiming not just racial victimhood, but damn near every other kind of victimization that the Social Justice crowd flips out over.
b) gaining her position as the head of a local chapter of a nationwide organization for racial equality through outright deception
c) completely fabricating her history to elevate her victim status.

Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner may have felt he/she was living a lie until sugery. But this batshit chick actively made up lies to get to where she is (although hopefully it will be ‘was.’)

Note, this was written before she resigned.

Do I think Dolezal has mental issues? Yeah, you can pretty much double down on that. But first this crosses over into deception. Second she made a career out of that deception. Third, she weaponized her disorders and deception.

That ain’t about transrace, transsexual or trans-ams, it’s about attacking others and deception.

As of right now there are a lot of people — people who have been promoting social justice narratives — with egg on the face because of her. “What’s the difference between transgender and transracial?” is — at best — damage control and a cloud-the-issue question. Picking it up and asking is doing their work for them

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