Self-Defense Methodologies are Problem Solving Systems – Erik Kondo

All Self-Defense Methodologies are essentially Problem Solving Systems whose desired solution is to deprive an aggressor of his or her Intent and/or Means and/or Opportunity to do harm with in a framework of legal considerations and consequences. The “problem” is “solved” when one or more of Intent, Means, Opportunity has been eliminated. The viewpoint of … [Read more…]

Contolling Chaos and Mayhem with the Progressive Boundary Setting Matrix – Erik Kondo

Nothing is certain in life except for death, taxes, and boundary setting. Most human interpersonal and societal relationships are based on some variation boundary setting. So unless you are a lifelong hermet, you have been using boundary setting since early childhood. While boundary setting is a natural action that people do in various ways. Effective … [Read more…]

Self-Defense Competency: Environmental Knowledge, Rule Knowledge, and Domain Knowledge – Erik Kondo

  Google the term “self defense” and there almost 10 million results. Millions of people expounding on different ideas of what constitutes self-defense. Google “self-defense competency” and the results drop down to a couple thousand. What does it mean to be competent in self defense? It doesn’t mean that you are safe. You could safely … [Read more…]

On Maslow – Rory Miller

MASLOW In 1943 Abraham Maslow published his famous hierarchy of needs. The idea was simple.  If you are in danger of dying—starving, thirsty, sick or about to be killed and eaten– that is your highest priority.  Until you have taken care of your immediate survival needs you don’t give a damn, and you don’t waste … [Read more…]

On Both Sides of the Violence Factor Spectrum Lie the Casualties of Violence – Erik Kondo

“Don’t be a victim” is classic self-defense advice. It is usually directed towards women. It tells women to walk with confidence when out and about, to be aware of their surroundings, etc. What is piece of advice fails to address is that the most likely Casualties of Violence fall into two vastly different groups. The … [Read more…]

The Security Trio of Respect, Communication, and Enforcement – Erik Kondo

A Secure Person is one who is able to limit and control anti-social behaviors both by himself and by others. These unwanted behaviors range from bullying, harassment, sexual assault, to murder and mayhem. A Secure Person uses the Security Trio of Respect, Communication, and Enforcement. He or she clearly communicates the rules of behavior. These … [Read more…]