The Victim Personality – Rory Miller

I’ve used the term in writing and, judging from e-mail, haven’t ever adequately defined what I mean. If you’ve been victimized before, are you a victim personality? Victimized twice? Thrice? Ten times? Maybe. Maybe not. There are victim characteristics that all predators (and all aware humans) know. Distracted. Awkward in their physicality. Pleasers. People so … [Read more…]

3-Way – Rory Miller

One of the things that makes communication difficult and some problems hard to solve is that very different things can be the same thing. I wrote about DV as an example of taxonomies some time ago. Antisocial Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder are both different, but they get to the same place, seeing people … [Read more…]

Mind the Gap: Part II – Marc MacYoung

There were things that used to be taught/enforced/assumed/demanded by circumstances. We’ve moved away from them without understandinga) why they’re important orb) how they affect our attitudes.For example, I didn’t watch Deadwood when it was first airing. Years later when it came onto Netflix I did a marathon. One scene that particularly stands out in my … [Read more…]