Self-Defense Methodologies are Problem Solving Systems – Erik Kondo

All Self-Defense Methodologies are essentially Problem Solving Systems whose desired solution is to deprive an aggressor of his or her Intent and/or Means and/or Opportunity to do harm with in a framework of legal considerations and consequences. The “problem” is “solved” when one or more of Intent, Means, Opportunity has been eliminated. The viewpoint of … [Read more…]

My Personal Story of Internet Otherism: What it is, Who Does it and Why – Erik Kondo

Video link. Otherism also known as Othering is when a person is considered to “not be one of us.” It is the exclusion of a person who deviates from “acceptable” norms. The exclusion can be based on race, religion, ethnicity, country of origin, social economic factors, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and more. Many forms of … [Read more…]

On Political Correctness: The Opposite of a Negative is Not Always a Positive – Erik Kondo

————————————————————————————————————————————- Let’s play a word association game. Up – Down Big – Little Minus – Plus Bad – Good Negative – Positive The opposite of something negative is always a positive, right? If you thought “yes”, then you are in NOT politically correct terms “a sh!th@ad”. See how easy it is call someone names? There … [Read more…]

Conflict Management Media: Episode #17 – “The Coffee Confrontation”

Commentary by Erik Kondo This video confrontation is very useful for illustrating a number of points. There is a systemic problem of people illegally parking in Accessible Parking Spaces. This problem is the result of a certain segment of drivers who have an underlying lack of respect for people with disabilities. This lack of respect … [Read more…]