The Self-Defense Hand, Part I – Marc MacYoung (Conflict Manager – JUNE, 2016)

Assessing if what-you-are-learning works for self-defense — and why you need to do it. “Everyone knows what something means until there’s a problem”   Paul Spiegal Contract Attorney There’s a dangerous problem about both learning and teaching ‘self-defense.’ Mostly it’s about what you don’t know you don’t know. It’s not hyperbole to say this lack … [Read more…]

Secrets of the Elite (SEPTEMBER, 2015 Conflict Manager) – Karl Thornton

  The Intentional & Unintentional Murderer. I am an undercover operative as well as trained in, and a trainer of, the physiology and psychology of violence. As well as trained in human behaviour and operational areas of the anti-human trafficking profession. The information in this article is sensitive yet supplied to give the general public … [Read more…]

Self-Defense Failure Zone – Rory Miller (Conflict Manager – MAY, 2016)

  Rory Writes: This was just going to be an example for the last article on reframing, but it grew into an article of it’s own. One aspect of self-defense that is rarely addressed are low level predators and creeping victimizations. The low-level predators are the ones who keep their victims uncomfortable, but never cross … [Read more…]

The Never Complain Dictum – Mark Hatmaker (Conflict Manager – SEPTEMBER, 2015)

In the world of street-response to potential violent conflict one often encounters the word “de-escalation.” I want to define that term, not to insult intelligence but to make sure we’re on the same page about a tactic I find of nominal value as it applies to the everyday citizen. De-escalation is, in short, a micro-version … [Read more…]

The Confusion Between Conflict Resolution & De-escalation, Part I – Gershon Ben Keren (Conflict Manager: NOVEMBER, 2016)

There is a common misconception that conflict resolution is the same as de-escalation; if you resolve the conflict, you deescalate the situation. The phrase, “putting the cart before the horse”, comes to mind -i.e. how can you resolve a conflict if somebody is still in an emotional and adrenalized state? The answer is, you can’t. … [Read more…]

How to deal with Cock Roaches and sundry vermin. – Anna Valdiserri (Conflict Manager: MARCH, 2016)

“Cock Roaches” is my pet name for those low-level pervs who get their kicks by doing stuff that makes women feel uncomfortable or threatened without ever actually doing anything that is actually actionable or reportable. They might stand too close, but never touch. They may touch, but always engineer situations to make it look like … [Read more…]