Definitions: Strategy, Tactic, and Technique – Erik Kondo


I recently asked people to provide their definitions of the terms, Strategy, Tactic, and Technique. The idea was to determine if there was a general agreement/consensus on the termonology. Here are the results.

– “Is more macro, an overall approach to long-term success/goal achievement. “
– “Answers the “what” question”
– “Overall plans to achieve an objective based on the doctrine”
– “Overall plan to achieve a goal (includes a back up and accounting any external factors that might hinder the plan).”
– “Multiple Tactics + Tactical Context create Simple Strategies”
– “Multiple Simple Strategies + Strategic Context create Comprehensive Strategies”
– “Is the overarching framework, the goal to be achieved”
– “Goals dictate strategy”

– “More micro in scope. A tactic more momentarily-decided to achieve a short-term goal”
– “Answers the “how” question”
– “Tactics is applied technique”
– “Tactics is when you intentionally try to create a situation, for which you have a great solution.” 
– “The specific methods in carrying out the strategy”
– “Organized means and methods used in a strategy to put it into action.”
– “Tactics are combined, they form an overall strategy.”
– “Multiple Techniques + Technical Context create Tactics”
– “Are how you you achieve it within given variables.
– A combination of techniques to accomplish a task.”
– Strategy dictates tactics.
– “Are the application of all capabilities to achieve a very specific result despite changing variables.”

– “Can be mental/psychological/emotional, can be used cumulatively for/to encompass either and vary greatly in range as to how they comprise each. They can be small/temporary or larger/longer-term.”
– “Is a tool”
– “Technique does not exist in a vacuum, but as a solution to a particular problem. Technique works like a tool in this – situation, solving the problem.”
– “The detailed applications”
– “Skills, training and ability combined to apply tactics in a situation”
– “Are the steps that create the tactics.”
– “Is the toolbox you use to build what you need to make the tactics work to achieve the strategic mission.”
– “A particular movement.”


While there are differences as to how people define these terms. The above definitions provide a useful overall view of how many people use and interpert these three terms.

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  1. David Hubbard

    That’s interesting how Tactics and Strategy are “defined” differently by people when they are synonyms of each other. Personally I have always seen them interchangeably.

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