Think You Know How to Stop School Shootings? Think Again! – Erik Kondo

  School shooting are a problem. Solving this problem requires some type of approach. Here are some commonly discussed and debated proposed solutions in no particular order: Pass stricter gun laws making it more difficult for potential shooters to obtain high powered weapons. Pass stricter laws on gun magazines making it more difficult for shooters … [Read more…]

Definitions: Strategy, Tactic, and Technique – Erik Kondo

  I recently asked people to provide their definitions of the terms, Strategy, Tactic, and Technique. The idea was to determine if there was a general agreement/consensus on the termonology. Here are the results. STRATEGY – “Is more macro, an overall approach to long-term success/goal achievement. “ – “Answers the “what” question” – “Overall plans … [Read more…]

The Five Stages of Violent Crime – Marc MacYoung

The Five Stages of Violent Crime is an internationally recognized system to identify if — and determine when and if — you are   being set up for a crime or violence. It is used by police, military and firearms instructors around the world as a training and  teaching tool. Also the system is taught internationally in self … [Read more…]

Seven Natural Strategies – Rory Miller

There are three natural strategies for dealing with predators: Hide, run and fight. There are two more for dealing with your own species: Posture and Submit. Both occasionally work cross species. The three natural strategies mimic the Freeze-Flight-Fight.  Freezing is natural.  We evolved in a world where predators key on motion.  It is a form … [Read more…]

Crime is a Process – Marc MacYoung

“What you think you know … will kill you” –  An old survival maxim The above quote is common among safety experts. But it applies in spades to avoiding crime and violence. The problem is, most of what you think you know about crime is probably wrong. Or to quote Will Rogers “It ain’t that people are ignorant, it’s just … [Read more…]