Police Officer vs. Woman on Highway – Marc MacYoung

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I spent the LA riots, smoke hanging in the air from riots that got within two miles of my home, sitting on my front porch reading, smoking my pipe with a loaded shotgun on the table next to me. Bitch all you want about the cops, I’ve been through a situation where there are none out on the street. Not fun.

Now what dipfuck the wonder dummy did there was create a situation where
A) it seemed reasonable to him to use that degree of force
B) unwittingly made it so he couldn’t end it earlier
C) the circumstances he created, prompted her to resist him more
D) he saved her life.

Hard hands (striking and punching) is allowable IF that is what it takes to control a resisting suspect. The short version is “How much force does it take to get someone onto their belly so you can cuff/restrain?” That was his goal. The screw up came because it’s hard to flip someone over when you’re sitting on them. That’s the reason I’m calling him a dipfuck.She was pinned and still resisting because he — unwitingly? screwed up? was so adrenalized he didn’t realize what he’d created — was creating a situation where that level of force seemed reasonable at the time.

It’s hard to control someone with minimum force when you’re by yourself. It wasn’t until help arrived that he dismounted and they (together) flipped her. An additional problem came because as he was hitting her, her hands were still free and in front of her. Which triggers the idea that she’s resisting — thereby justifying that level of force. The more he hit, the more she ‘resisted’ and the more he hit…

Bottom line however, she was walking out into the freeway traffic because she was off her meds … so should he have let her stroll out there to create how big of a pile up?

It sucks, but sometimes there’s just no good answer.

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