Three Things on Police Use of Force – Marc MacYoung

  Three things First — Ma’am could you put the knife down… (We’ll come back to this)Second — look at the title of this clip. That’s designed to trigger your monkey brain. Specifically your judgmental and emotional HOW TERRIBLE! reaction. Look at it again 87 y,o. WOMAN BEATEN …POLICE! Let’s start on this with you know what … [Read more…]

Commentary on “How UK Police Stop Someone with a Knife” – Marc MacYoung

Commentary on the article below. This Is How UK Police Stop Someone With A Knife Some points about this. One, the cops had secured the area (arguably containing the threat). Two, the guy was disturbed, not attacking.Three, those two points allowed for discretionary time. (A wonderful concept and process, because among other things it allows … [Read more…]