Video Commentary on: “Best Fight Strategy” – Marc MacYoung


Best Fight Strategy – Self Defense Tactics and Tips – Win Fights Easily and DON’T GET ARRESTED



First off, I disagree with the guy’s starting premise of teaching you how to ‘win a fight.’ A fight is mutual battery. Putting it another way, self-defense is you have no choice, a fight is you’re part of the problem. A use of force incident is you’re using force to end a situation. The three things are RADICALLY different. But more, the variations are more complicated than can be learned in a simplistic video

Second, BAD plan touching the dude. Agree with the stepping away part. There’s a good chance it will light him up — especially because you’re stepping away. You’ve disrespected him.

Bad witness grooming. Yes it’s a conditional threat, but it’s also a violation of Peyton Quinns rules
1) Don’t insult him
2) Don’t threaten him
3) Don’t challenge him
4) Don’t deny it’s happening
5) Give him a face saving exit
(I’ll let you work out which one, or — if you’re thinking — which two it violates)

And the guy is completely wrong that threatening to hit the dude will let everyone know it’s a ‘self-defense situation’ The first thing most people will ‘hear’ is you threatening to hit the dude –Wah wah wah I will hit you wah wah.

Then he proceeds to say the best ‘self-defense strategy’ is the least effective, sports fighting technique. And yes, I am talking about punching … oooooh then he uses a knee. So he says ‘defend yourself by beating the hell out of the guy’

Here’s a few problems with using sports techniques in self-defense situations
1) Sports fighting mimics actual fighting. Fighting = you’re part of the problem. THAT’S what people are going to ‘see’
2) Sports techniques are intentionally designed to be ineffective for
a) the safety of the participants
b) to extend the match for the entertainment of the crowd

So yeah, you can pound the hell out of each other and NOT get injured. This no matter how fast or hard you go. However, where injury usually happens is when the person falls and hits his head. In the padded ring, not so much a problem. But outside of that? What shows up on the security feed is you beating the hell out of the guy and –like every other douchebag who thumped someone — claiming ‘self-defense’


Commentary by Erik Kondo

Here are a few videos that show the fall and head injury Marc MacYoung refers to:


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