Educational Beatdown for an Abuser – Marc MacYoung


Abuser of girlfriend/wife gets beat down by neighborhood…

However, take a look at the violence dynamics of the situations. Whatever got his ass whupped probably happened off camera. People were not about to step into an internal affair, even though it was happening out in public, but numbnuts crossed a social line somewhere.

It is possible we saw him cross it when he went after the guy in the red shirt. What could have happened off camera is when the son and friends of the guy in the red shirt showed up and numbnuts — flushed with his success of beating his girlfriend — decided to try that shit on them too. Or the ‘weight’ of the neighborhood showed up and abuser stepped up when he should have shut up. If you watch the guy comes flying back into view looking like he’d just gotten slammed. Now that “Guido” and the boys were present, everyone else got brave. But it looks like the attitude is less about numbnuts beating his girlfriend than it is, you don’t pull that shit on MY street.

What I don’t think was involved was her family showed up. Not only would the beating have been worse, but the distances were wrong between her and everyone else. I’ve seen those kinds of beatings before and the women of the family are right there behind the men.

Straight up, I also have to wonder about what the neighborhood thought of them as a couple, much less of her. If you want to know about violence dynamics, look at the other things going on in this video.

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