Video Lesson: Too Little Too Late

I actually use this incident in INoSD. I’m talking about “Too little, too late” and false submission signals. This is when you’re being a complete dick and when it starts going sideways, you try to
a- put the whole situation on hold (not de-escalation, but hitting the pause button)
b- avoid physical repercussion
c – save face by not by sending submission signals (like apologizing, backing off or making yourself smaller)
d- change the dynamics by redirection actions (changing scripts) or reverting to a social norm (in this case the ‘isolation bubble’ normal on subways)

Sad reality of too little too late is all it does is piss off the other person off even more because it’s showing what a punk ass motherfucker you are and insults him even further. Now you’re going to get an extra dose of beat down.

Apparently because the guy was barking and drooling in redshirt’s face there was some spittle flying. When he reached out and moved the dude’s face away (again isolation bubble) he
a) technically committed battery
b) gave the final insult (you DON’T touch someone’s face)
c) triggered his stomping by taking it physical

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