Commentary on “Believe Her! The Woman Never Lies Myth” – Marc MacYoung


Commentary: Part I

Here’s the problem. Monsters exist. I mean real monsters. And they commit horrible shit. So there very much is a need to put these fuckers down. Then there’s more than a little stupid, selfish, aggressive and bad behavior by people who are mostly not monsters, but when the constellations align, they do bad shit. So yeah, nobody is denying this happens.

The question is how much does it really happen vs. what is claimed happens by those on social crusades. I read the ‘estimated’ numbers from one local source and did the math. According to them every citizen in Denver was either raped/raping in a three year cycle. No shit, their estimated rapes per year were 1/4 the population of Denver.

“Oh no, we’re not saying rapes, we mean sexually assaulted and attempted rapes, not completed rapes.” Well since you’ve been using those words interchangeably to boost your numbers silly me for doing the math based on what you’re claiming.

As I tell people, everyone knows the BJS/FBI Uniform Crime Report numbers are low — the question is how low? Conversely how exaggerated are the numbers from organizations that get their funding from crisis? Because that’s the kind of organization that came out with the number of if you’re a woman in Denver expect to be raped at least once every three years

There are a few unintended consequences. One is because of the lowering of the standards of proof, specialized training on investigating and prosecuting rape that literally teaches how to build a narrative, lobbying to change laws for easier conviction, redefinition of rape and Title IX tribunals Gandhi could be convicted of rape if someone accused him.

Two, is the number of prosecutors who go after low hanging fruit. Remember those monsters I talked about? Yeah, they know how to get away with this shit. They cost a lot of money, effort and time to investigate and prosecute — and you might lose anyway. So it’s much easier to go after drunk college kids and questionable accusations because it boosts the numbers. Numbers show you’re doing something. Hey you got a real life serial rapist there, but you can’t nail him? For the same amount of money, investment and time you can get seven convictions off what was drunk sex or an ex on a revenge kick. You’re the hero because of your numbers.

That brings up three. That is certain people have discovered that siccing the authorities on someone — especially with the attitude that the victim is not lying — you’ve got the ultimate revenge tool. And even if nothing comes of it, you’ve put that person through hell clearing his name.

I’ve long had a nasty habit. That is I feed professionals drinks and then I get them talking shop. I’ve talked to investigators about this subject. While the numbers in this article might be high, investigators have admitted to me the official numbers of 10% without merit are way, way low. They deal with suspicious accusations all the time, but the official party line is victims never lie and they had better stay in line. This even though they’re sending a number of innocent — or partially innocent — people to prison.

So now we have a real problem. We do have monsters. Then we have a system that is all about numbers and winning. And there’s a mob who’s clamoring for guillotining and — because of an alleged history — they’re fine if innocents head roll — because after all, they’re really not innocent doncha know? All men are potential rapists and this evens the score.

Commentary: Part II

Another problem is that often evidence is hard to produce. Look at all the people who believe those accusing Bill Cosby without a shred of evidence. (Did he do it? I don’t know. But there’s a whole lot of people who believe without any proof.)

In a very real sense though this witchhunt for rapists is justified because
a) they got away for it so long
b) society oppressed women for so long
When you bring up legitimate issues like false accusations and innocent people having their lives destroyed, A and B are touted out as why it’s okay. This attitude scares the shit out of me because it flushed the idea of checks and balances, innocent until proven guilty and safety checks that keep our legal system from becoming a kangaroo court to justify lynchings.

The fact is with the Duke Lacrosse case and what’s happening to the Rolling Stone article people are beginning to notice there’s a problem. Also any parent of a son in college needs to release the dangers of Title IX tribunals. Dangerous because of mandatory sexual harassment training in orientation — while not exactly a signed confession of guilt — is a vehicle that renders their son functionally helpless against anything the school decides to do if he’s accused of sexual misconduct.

Literally, it’s gotten to the point that the smartest advice parents can give their sons going off to college is ‘Date townies, not U women.’


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