Commentary: “Woman Fights Off Man in Elevator”- Marc MacYoung

Please watch the video first.


My first response is I think it’s staged. While it’s possible it’s not, women have different filters on life than men. This creates different actions and reactions to circumstances.

First, while it’s not quite out of the question that she’d position herself like that upon walking into the elevator, it’s not normal. This especially if it’s going to be a multiple floor ride. Far more common is she’d move to one side of the elevator to do her texting. This draws an imaginary line between the two of them and creates your-side and my side.
While I have seen women stand like that in elevators, it is usually only a one floor hop.

The second reason I suspect it’s staged is her reaction after he creeped on her the first time.
Most women I know would either immediately get off the elevator or position themselves with their back to the wall. All she did was move to a position where he could do it again.

Third, and this could be cultural, American women really don’t have any hesitation to go on the verbal offense. One could consider this lack of verbal as why the situation continued or why it’s a fake.

Fourth, notice WHEN she looks back down at her pad/phone the first time he creeped on her. She was still moving. And she stopped in a place where he could creep on her again.

Hey — even if you are non-confrontational — is that what you’re going to do or are you going to position yourself somewhere where you can keep an eye on the creep, while pretending to work on your pad?

Fifth, I HAVE seen women do the freaked out “I’m pretending to ignore you” routine with creeps. Thing is they’re both physically tight (scared) and trying to watch the SOB out of the side of their eyes. This guy didn’t come back in the second time from behind, he came in from the side. Why didn’t she move then?

The freaked out types tend to try to move away when the guy comes back– even as they are pretending that they aren’t seeing what is happening.

Sixth and this is one of the three main reasons I think it’s staged, is little mouses who make the above mentioned mistakes ARE NOT the ones who are capable of blowing out in violence. They freak and keep on freaking.

Seventh — and second of the big three — is a predator that is that confident to move like that is expecting a violent response. And he is ready to pounce. She throws his arm off his shoulder and he slams her into the wall. Or, given all the time in-between her throwing his arm off her shoulder and knocking him into the wall, why didn’t he lunge? And that includes coming off that wall to slam her?

Eight, and the last of the big three, look at the timing of the hits. While it’s not impossible for a smaller person to beat the hell out of a larger person, the violence must be… explosive. In other words, take everything she did and compress it into three seconds.

Otherwise you are risking the likelihood of the larger person rallying.

The ninth and final reason why I think this is staged is the elevator doors. This has a few parts.
First, if it’s a long ride it’s understandable the doors didn’t open. But that brings us back to the ‘long ride’ positioning issue. If it’s a short ride, the doors would have opened. If that’s the case, she would have been able to step out. Even if she was busy beating the hell out of him, the door opening and closing would have been visible.
Yet if you watch the video focusing on the doors after she allegedly beats the hell out of him, she pushes the button and you can see the doors open immediately.
Wait, during this entire time the elevator wasn’t moving? Because that’s when pushing the open button allows for doors to immediately open. So we have to ask, why did the elevator doors NOT open any other time?

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