Effective U, Ineffective U – Which One Should You Listen too?




We are all made up of two very different personalities. These two personalities determine how our lives will unfold. These two U’s are constantly battling for dominance. The U that is most dominant, the majority of the time, will ultimately determine the outcome of your life much more than any other circumstance.

The two U’s are Effective U (EU) and Ineffective U (IU).  Let’s take a look at EU.

  • EU cares about the end result, not about assigning blame.
  • EU takes responsibility for the consequence his or her actions.
  • EU is constantly looking to improve.
  • EU evaluates his or her past performance and makes the modifications needed to improve.
  • EU is able to accept his or her mistakes and move forward.
  • EU recognizes that sometimes life can be unfair, but continues on anyway.
  • EU uses fear and harnesses its powers.
  • EU does not dwell on the past and engage in self-blame
  • EU does not seek to blame others for what has happened to him or her in life.
  • EU does not let the attitudes and beliefs of society hold him or her back.
  • EU is constantly changing and evolving in an effort to advance his or her life.
  • EU values self-respect over the opinions and judgments of other people.
  • EU works hard to control his or her circumstances at much as possible.

Ineffective U on the other hand is the reverse of Effective U.

  • IU cares more about who is to blame then achieving the desired result.
  • IU does not feel he or she is responsible for the consequences his or her actions.
  • IU is content to remain as is.
  • IU doesn’t evaluate his or her performance since it may show the need for change.
  • IU is unable to accept responsibility for his or her previous mistakes and dwells in the past.
  • IU is consumed by the unfairness of life in regard to himself or herself.
  • IU is stymied by the fear of consequences of his or her actions.
  • IU is plagued by the negative effects of self-blame.
  • IU seeks to blame others for the occurrence any unwanted event in his or her life.
  • IU feels that the attitudes of society are holding him or her back.
  • IU feels others need to change for his or her life to improve.
  • IU feels that other people don’t respect/judge him or her due to race, religion, gender, or the like.
  • IU feels powerless and that other people are ultimately responsible for his or her circumstances.

These personalities have the ability to create a unique Ecosystem that conforms to their world view. This Ecosystem attracts other like-minded people who share the same values and outlook on life.

The Ecosystem of Effectiveness revolves around the values of:

  • Achieving Effective Results
  • Self-Responsibility & Determination
  • Self-Improvement
  • Resilience
  • Risk Acceptance
  • Self-Respect
  • Opportunity

The Ecosystem of Ineffectiveness revolves around the concepts of:

  • Assigning Blame
  • Other People’s Responsibility
  • Self-Pity
  • Fragility
  • Risk Adversity
  • Feelings of Disrespect
  • Unfairness

The Ecosystem of Effectiveness  produces a wide variety of products.  It creates both personal and societal satisfaction and gain. The primary products of the Ecosystem of Ineffectiveness are discontentment and complaints.

In the real world, the Ecosystem of Effectiveness rises to the top through the power of natural selection. “Nothing succeeds like success” as the saying goes. But the internet has provided a virtual world where discontentment and complaints have the viral ability to spread and multiply.

The Ecosystem of Ineffectiveness has spawned and encouraged legions of bloggers, authors, and social activists who spread discontentment and complaints throughout the internet and into the real world. These lU-minded people have found success in the vacuum left by the EU-minded people of the world who are too busy being productive to battle for the right to complain on the internet

Make no mistake. The world needs social advocates and societal change. But when the messenger of change is from the Ecosystem of Ineffectiveness, chances are that the message merely conveys discontentment in the form of blaming others for some type of social injustice. It takes the concrete actions from those of the Ecosystem of Effectiveness to create the opportunities and find the solutions needed to solve the world’s problems.


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