Process Predator (PP) and the Resource Predator (RP) – Rory Miller


For the Process Predator the act of violence is the reason itself.

The crime is the goal. The rapist, the serial killer, the ritualistic torture murderers are process predators.

The Process predator requires time and privacy for what he intends to do. One of the reasons that home invasion crimes are so brutal is because our homes are setup to be secure and offer privacy. If the process predator does not come to the victim, he will try to move the victim to another place to with more privacy and security. This is called the secondary crime scene. It is very, very bad. The is no good outcome from a violent criminal wanted to spend private time with you.

With a Resource Predator, you can usually give up the resource – your money,your car, whatever – and the situation is resolved.The fact that he is attempting to move you to a secondary crime scene or has invaded your home is a solid indicator that you are probably dealing with a process predator. If you do not end the situation it can and likely will escalate into a trap, torture, and murder. Any risk to escape is worth the price. Get out of there.


A Resource Predator wants something and has decided to get it from his victim.

He is willing to use violence, but will often only threaten violence if he believes intimidation will work safety. The Resource Predator will use violence to get your money or your car.

$ Wants something tangible, e.g. cash, car

$ “Othered” on a scale

$ Learned behavior

$ Learned attitude

$ Basic Mugger, Robber, Burglar …


With a Resource Predator, you can usually give up the resource – your money,

your car, whatever – and the situation is resolved.

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