Logic of Violence Steps 1- 6

When we do Logic of Violence it starts with the Violence Dynamics talk. The Maslow perspective. This gives us motivations for violence– fear (Survival level); Stuff (resource predator, Security level on Maslow); the social motivations (status-membership-territory-protocols); or pleasure (process predators, Self-actualized on Maslow.) The next is understanding the violent people have goals and parameters. What … [Read more…]

Process Predator (PP) and the Resource Predator (RP) – Rory Miller

PROCESS PREDATOR: For the Process Predator the act of violence is the reason itself. The crime is the goal. The rapist, the serial killer, the ritualistic torture murderers are process predators. The Process predator requires time and privacy for what he intends to do. One of the reasons that home invasion crimes are so brutal … [Read more…]