Violence, Right or Wrong – Marc MacYoung


If violence is wrong, then it is always wrong no matter who is doing it and why 

If we allow the absolute (and extremist position) of ‘violence never solved anything’ then no apologist rhetoric, rationalization or excuse is acceptable. There is no, it’s wrong when you do it to me buy okay when I do it to you (or when my chosen group or someone who claims to be an oppressed victim does it against an alleged oppressor or group) This also extends to you sending others to do violence by proxy for you.

The problem is that if we allow that violence is
a) sometimes necessary
b) something anyone is capable of
we are faced with the unpleasant task of actually having to think.

This instead of getting all morally outraged and self-righteous. We as a society need to sit down and have a debate about what our standards are regarding violence. Not the talking heads. Not the lawmakers. Not the experts. Us. When is it acceptable? When do we allow for it? What flavors/degrees do we tolerate and when do we not tolerate it (including when it is cleverly disguised as someone’s feelings.) What standards do we hold ourselves to? (Including what we do about incidents of violence.)

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