Why Effective Boundary Setting Must Include Enforcement – Erik Kondo

Please read this post first by Martha McCaughey. “Clear Communication” Must Include Self-Defense I think that the above referenced makes some great points. I will expand upon it in terms of my model of Progressive Boundary Setting. My interpretation is that effective boundary setting must include Clear Communication and Enforcement. Physical self-defense is a form … [Read more…]

Seven Things Effective People Know About Boundary Setting – Erik Kondo

  Most people think that Boundary Setting only has something to do with a “personal bubble” and “personal space”. Effective people know better. 1. Boundary Setting is fundamental to civilization. All effective individuals, groups, organizations, and societies use Boundary Setting to control and limit behaviors. Chaos and mayhem are the result of a lack of … [Read more…]

Boundary Setting is the Foundation of Civilization and Individual Success – Erik Kondo

Boundary Setting is fundamental for human success both on an individual and societal level. Societies that effectively use Boundary Setting create progress and advance civilization (think of Rome). They are able to build upon ideas and inventions. Societies with ineffective Boundary Setting descend into chaos and mayhem (think of barbarians). Individuals that utilize effective Boundary … [Read more…]