Just Breathe – Rory Miller

Are you having fun?” The student grins, “Yes.” “Are you getting hurt?” He looks a little confused,”No.” “Then there’s no reason to be so tense. Relax. Breathe.” RC pointed out that in certain professions, sleep deprivation is just a natural state. Whether you’re a pager slave or you do shift work; whether it’s crossing time … [Read more…]

For Love – Rory Miller

People are afraid of violence. And some of them make the choice to train to protect themselves from violence. But training isn’t free. Not financially, not physically, not emotionally. How much do you have in your wallet or purse right now? Credit cards and stuff, too. If you are afraid of getting mugged, that is … [Read more…]

Ineffective Bad – Rory Miller

Just because something really sucks doesn’t mean it works. Remember USM J. Jone’s three rules:  Anything you teach must work moving or standing still, must work when you are adrenalized and, number one, anything you teach must have a tactical use.Combat sports train hard, but they train within a ruleset.  Does that make it wrong? … [Read more…]