The Will – Rory Miller

I’m cribbing from an unknown author today. Somebody wrote something and I penciled it on a post-it note and it now hangs on the bathroom mirror. I didn’t write down who said it, and it deserves a lot of credit. Everyone has the will to win. When two people show up at a contest, both … [Read more…]

Feelings – Rory Miller

There’s a vocabulary to close combat that a lot of people lack. You need to be able to understand and identify touches, and that’s hard. Infighting is hard to learn verbally or visually anyway. The eyes and neocortex are too slow and you need to work a deeper part of your brain. That part works … [Read more…]

MindPlay – Rory Miller

  Part of this is about engaging the correct part of the brain…and paying respect to the parts that will be engaged despite your desires. One of the biggest lies in self-defense training is “You will fight the way you train.” No, you won’t. Not the first time. You will try and there might be … [Read more…]

One-Step – Rory Miller

The One-Step is the primary drill in most of my training. there are more, of course, and like any drills it has its flaws. No one goes to the hospital, so something about it is not right. A few posts back on my blog, things are getting a little heated up. That’s fine. everyone is … [Read more…]

What Drowning Teaches Us about Self-Defense Training – Erik Kondo

One complaint originating from certain advocates about promoting self-defense training (typically in reference to women) is that ‘knowing” self-defense is no guarantee a person will be able to successfully prevent or interrupt an attack. Many times, this opinion is voiced from someone who claims to have implemented “self-defense” strategies, yet he or she was assaulted … [Read more…]

Parts and Wholes – Rory Miller

Planning the section on defense for “InFighting.” And there’s a snag. Not a big one, probably easily solved, but it is part of the schism between learning and doing. Or talking and doing. Or, obviously, writing and doing. Infighting is close work. And fast. You have to do most of it by touch. And defense … [Read more…]