On Knives and Stabs – Marc MacYoung

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Remember the whole tool vs. weapon discussion? Here’s something else to pay attention to. Blades designed to have stabbing application — whether dagger or knife — have hand stops. Usually in the form of cross guards. Oddly enough while this does protect the hand of the person holding the knife. It’s not against an incoming attack. It’s to protect the stabber from himself.

A crossguard, quillions, a big boulster or finger grooves¬†in the handle keep the stabber’s hand from riding up the hilt and onto the blade. This happens when the force of the stab is stronger than the knifer’s grip. It is not uncommon for inexperienced stabbers to have a cut on fingers or palm from where their hand slide up onto the edge and they cut themselves. “You stabbed someone.” “No I didn’t!” “Then where’d you get that knife cut on your fingers?” “Uuuhhhhh” “Turn around and put your hands behind your back.” (BTW, this lack of designed hand protection is one of the reason why I have such contempt for folding knives being marketed as ‘tactical.’ You have no protection for your hand if you have to use it.)


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