Q&R: How do I Handle a Haymaker Punch – Marc MacYoung (Conflict Manager, FEBRUARY, 2016)

The simple answer is ‘See it coming and move.’ The not so simple answer is I just finished writing a 150 page e-book that covers this subject. It will be available next month. It’s called “Writing Violence IV: Defense” and it will be available for a whopping $2.99. I specifically go into some of why … [Read more…]

Someone asked me what to do when you get hit hard enough to give you Jell-O knees. – Marc MacYoung

Clinching is a common response when you get your chimes rung. It hopefully will keep you from getting torn up more while you try to get your brains back inside your ears. It’s pretty much all you can do unless there’s something like a table nearby that you can roll under and try to recover. … [Read more…]

Abandon – Rory Miller

Abandon I like the word “abandon” and it has been coming up a lot, lately. There are three (at least) instincts when faced with chaos and danger. The most common is to try to control it. To minimize the chaos, to minimize the danger. To basically take chaos and and make it “not chaos.” Whatever … [Read more…]