Q&R: When is “Violence the Answer”? – Marc MacYoung

“Violence is seldom the answer. But when it is it’s the only answer.” The ‘only answer’ version is Tim Larkin. While I heartily agree with the sentiment, I disagree with the phrasing. I scale it to ‘the best answer’, ‘ or ‘most effective,’ or ‘most appropriate.’ Why? ‘ “Violence is seldom the answer, but when … [Read more…]

Q&R: What if I am getting off the ‘train,’ alone, at night and a guy starts following me…

*** Here’s the thing, DON’T confront these guys unless you’re ready to rock and roll. A lot of street rats and skells do indeed do something weird and attention grabbing to test your reaction. They also get verbally offensive and try to turn it around onto you when called on their behavior. (“I’m not following … [Read more…]

Q&R: How do I Handle a Haymaker Punch – Marc MacYoung (Conflict Manager, FEBRUARY, 2016)

The simple answer is ‘See it coming and move.’ The not so simple answer is I just finished writing a 150 page e-book that covers this subject. It will be available next month. It’s called “Writing Violence IV: Defense” and it will be available for a whopping $2.99. I specifically go into some of why … [Read more…]