When the sign says “No Guns Allowed” – Marc MacYoung

I was asked by a concealed carrier what his self-defense options are in businesses and locations that prohibit firearms (which as property owners IS their right). It’s a simple question, but not a simple answer…. **** Okay, you’re asking a very important question. But you’re approaching it from a direction that, while it seems to … [Read more…]

On Untrained Civilians Swarming an Active Shooter – Marc MacYoung

I posted this in response to someone asking about Ben Carson’s response of going after an active shooter… *** ~sigh~ Yes, no, maybe, sometimes. We modern Americans love soundbite answers. “Gorsh it’s short it must be an aphorism.” (Aphorism a pithy observation that contains a general truth, such as, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix … [Read more…]

On Demanding ‘No Guns’ in Businesses – Marc MacYoung

There are a bunch of jpg’s floating around where illegal activities are being encouraged against armed citizens and businesses who allow firearms. Putting it mildly, this seriously grinds my gears.  On the plus side, I figure if you’re stupid enough to try and assault someone who is armed in ‘political protest’ that’s just natural selection … [Read more…]