Just-Right Respect Creates Just-Right Respect – Erik Kondo


Respect begets respect. It takes respect to get respect. You have to give respect to receive respect.
These are all common sayings that represent a shared truth. Respect is an elusive concept. You can ask for respect, but you may not get it. You may demand more respect and get less respect in return. Respect is sometimes learned, but generally speaking respect is earned.

In society, respect is part of the public trust. In a secure society, the citizens have an ample amount of respect for each other and the society’s institutions. As a society becomes less secure, this public trust and respect starts to deteriorate. People become less trusting each other less. They become start to feel that governmental institutions do not have the peoples’ best interests at heart.

The downward cycle continues as respect is replaced by fear and distrust. On the other hand, reversing this spiral requires adding more trust and respect into society. People become less fearful and more trusting of each other. The bottom line is that most people need to feel respected in order to give respect to others. The most effective amount of respect is neither too much nor too little, it is a Just-Right amount.

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