Mixed Messages and Unrealistic Expectations – Marc Macyoung


First, notice the implication of complete nudity — not dressed, nekkid. 

The sign — regardless of the message — combined with nudity in this culture brings it closer to burlesque. It is deliberately titillating — designed for a look, but don’t touch.

Also the contrapposto pose to emphasize the hips and buttocks. As well as the head drop/sideways look from under the eyelashes. And make up to emphasize the eyes and lips. Key elements of sexual communication, allure and display.

Second, notice both the blame and the display of psychic ability. It is YOUR lack of self-control.This presupposes that there is only one cause for rape. Funny, but I was under the impression their last stance was all rape was premeditated, intentional and about power and control. Or has the soundbite changed?

Third, notice the abrogation of personal responsibility for one’s own safety. A naked woman is standing there telling you that she’s not responsible for her safety, you are.

Forth, a publicly naked, highly sexually posed female is taking the marketing positioning of a victim?

Fifth, look at the forced teaming. The ‘we’ is significant. Is that a royal we? A select and specialized subgroup within a larger group. Or is she implying that all women are a unified we? The last is a big assumption and claiming that you speak for all women is rather presumptuous. What I recommend is any married male who is seeing this trot into the other room and see what your wife thinks about the message itself. Then ask her about being drafted into this ‘we’ and being told what she thinks.

I’d kind of like to hear what the wives have to say about this message. And oh, just because I’m a total shit, how do moms feel about someone telling their daughters this is a good idea.

Whoever that ‘we’ is needs to be clarified a bit.

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