Woman Attacked in Lobby – Erik Kondo


COMMENT by Erik Kondo

This video graphically illustrates the nature of asocial violence. The victim is dehumanized by the predator. The attack is asymmetric (man vs. woman). The predator ambushes the tenant from behind and uses brutal means to incapacitate his victim. The predator is not a lowly motivated attacker that is easily disrupted by ineffective physical defense techniques.

This woman’s most effective personal security defense was to NOT be selected as a victim in the first place. That requires recognizing the threat the man represents and taking active steps to prevent the attack from happening in the first place.

Conventional women’s self-defense techniques do not deal with the brutal nature of this attack. The woman’s self-defense techniques shown on Youtube, local media,  and instructed in typical women’s self-defense martial arts are useless for this type of overwhelming assault.

COMMENT by Rory Miller
On Martial Mistakes

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