Woman Uses Head-Butt in Response to Aggression – Erik Kondo

This video exemplifies:

COMMENT by Erik Kondo

1. Effective use of the head butt for personal protection. Whether or not this method led to legal consequences is unknown.

2. Initially, the woman uses the Visual & Verbal Fence to ward off her aggressor. When these methods fails, she quickly escalates to the Physical Fence in the form of a head-butt upon receiving Confirmation of Bad Intention by the aggressors boundary violation.

3. In this case, the head-butt was an surprise pre-emptive strike that served to incapacitate (Disrupt) her aggressor. Upon execution, the woman Disengages immediately.

4. The 2nd man attempted to detain her. But was most likely deterred by what he saw the woman do previously.

5. In all cases, the woman actively uses her hands and arms as a Physical Fence between her and her aggressors.

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