Kinds of Violence – Marc MacYoung

“If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies. “                –  Moshe Dayan Although it is not popular idea (especially among ‘urban warriors,’ people obsessed with winning and anyone who wants to believe they can say and do anything without repercussions), the raw truth is: Sometimes you just gotta take your … [Read more…]

Seven Natural Strategies – Rory Miller

There are three natural strategies for dealing with predators: Hide, run and fight. There are two more for dealing with your own species: Posture and Submit. Both occasionally work cross species. The three natural strategies mimic the Freeze-Flight-Fight.  Freezing is natural.  We evolved in a world where predators key on motion.  It is a form … [Read more…]

The Monkey Brain – Marc MacYoung

“You don’t control the monkey dance, it controls you.”  – Rory Miller  In his excellent book Meditations on Violence, Rory Miller coined a term  describing behavioral patterns that lead to violence. He called it “The Monkey Dance.” We cannot say enough about Rory’s book anyway, but that is nothing in comparison to how important the monkey dance … [Read more…]

Crime is a Process – Marc MacYoung

“What you think you know … will kill you” –  An old survival maxim The above quote is common among safety experts. But it applies in spades to avoiding crime and violence. The problem is, most of what you think you know about crime is probably wrong. Or to quote Will Rogers “It ain’t that people are ignorant, it’s just … [Read more…]

Fear Management vs. Danger Management – Marc MacYoung

Let’s start with the fact that there’s a difference between fear management and danger management. I’m talking in extremes here, but it’s to communicate an idea. Let’s say you’re terrified of vampires. No amount of rational explanation that vampires don’t exist and aren’t a danger is going to help. That’s because ‘terror’ comes from a deeper … [Read more…]