Teaching, Training, Conditioning and Play – Rory Miller

Be careful with the language here.  I will be using the word ‘training’ as a generic term for the different methods to get something into your student’s heads. At the same time, I will be using the word as a very specific type of training with deep drawbacks.  It’s kind of like ‘fighting’ in that sense.  We need … [Read more…]

Check Your sources Before They Get Somebody Killed – Marc MacYoung

I was contacted by a young man whom my works had influenced. He’s developing his own work and asked about copyright infringement issues. My answer surprised even me…. **** No don’t worry. An idea is not copyrightable — but a specific model is (e.g.  that violence is somehow predictable is not copyrightable, but  Five Stages of Violent … [Read more…]