Some Thoughts on Scenario Training – Rory Miller

Most stuff in real life can be avoided or de-escalated. If you have been around 100 people today, there was at least one situation you could have escalated. Odds are you don’t even remember it because we are all constantly adapting to and manipulating the people around us. Violence isn’t a normal distribution (Bell curve). … [Read more…]

Three Things for Teaching and Learning – Rory Miller

I’m sure there are more, but for my purposes, there are three distinct modes of teaching and learning: Conditioning Training Play To make this useful, we have to define them. For our purposes, ‘Training’ is verbal teaching, explanation, patterns and repetitions.  Almost anything that you learn as a step-by-step process.  Practicing basics is training.  Going … [Read more…]

Can you teach self-defense if you haven’t ‘been there?” – Marc MacYoung

I am often asked that question. Can someone who hasn’t spent years fighting teach you anything about self-defense?  Well aside from the first glaring error that fighting is not self-defense, the answer is “It depends.” It depends on something very specific. Below is my answer to someone who asked this very question.**********The answer lies in the information, not necessarily … [Read more…]

Why We Disagree So Much on Self-Defense:It’s in the Math – Erik Kondo

Take a look at many self-defense related intenet discussions and you will see the same thing. Heated threads filled with back and forth arguing about what works, what doesn’t work, what is “real”, what is fantasy. Most suggestions of “what to do” seem to only generate multiple counter-responses of why “that won’t work”, “that is a … [Read more…]