Boundary Setting for People with Disabilities – Erik Kondo and Sam de Leve

Boundary setting is a problem solving strategy that enables people to deal with and differentiate between awkward, rude, and dangerous people and situations. As people with disabilities, we are subject to boundary intrusions on a regular basis that stem from other people’s negative implicit bias regarding both our competence and vulnerability. Due to this bias, … [Read more…]

Physical limitations and self-defense (What if I can’t run away?) – Marc MacYoung

I have a pilot friend who was being talked down through the clouds by the tower. When he cleared the clouds he realized he was halfway down the runway. When the tower asked him “why did you abort the landing” he replied, “I like having the runway in front”. Here is a fundamental fact that … [Read more…]

Wheelchair Self-defense: On Using Your Wheelchair as a Weapon and More

I have repeatedly come across internet self-defense “advice” for wheelchair users. The majority of the suggestions provided usually refer to how to “fight back” against attackers. The two main themes usually consists of (a) using your wheelchair as a weapon and (b) how to use being lower than you attacker as an advantage. My first … [Read more…]