Doing the Math of Violence – Marc MacYoung

I am constantly asked ‘what do you do if…?’ questions. These are seemingly simple questions that don’t have simple answers (And giving simple answers [You just do this] is both lying and dangerous misinformation.) Someone painted multiple ambush scenarios and basically asked — for each — ‘charge or run?’ He referenced an incident where a … [Read more…]

On humanism, the Civil War, and politically correct soundbites – Marc MacYoung

And for THIS I got called a liberal (Damn, that’s funny) *** For the record. It’s way too easy to look at the subject of slavery from the position of humanism, post Civil Rights, post Civil War, and listen to politically correct soundbites. Oooooh it’s so dangerous to say “Slavery is bad” No fuckin’ shit … [Read more…]

On Power – Rory Miller

Power isn’t an endstate. There are no weak or strong people, just people at different places on a given continuum. And power is not linear. I am stronger than K, but she is smarter and more artistic than I am. R has more money, but J has more skills. Q can access a deep level … [Read more…]